Home Decor: Mini Home Tour

Home Goods, Target, Ross, and Marshall, are my addiction. Anytime I go into any of those stores I end up buying so many things for my house that I don't need.

Ever since moving to Oakland, I've been on a decoring home binge. I think I've bought 10 different rugs since moving 1.5 years ago (I'm crazy). One huge highlight in 2017 was my apartment getting featured in Apartment Therapy. Esteban Cortez, an amazing photographer, came over to our home just over a year ago and took some lovely pictures. It's changed quite a bit since then, so I thought I would share an update of my ever-changing style and home.

Let's start with the living room.

Details: Coffee Table - CB2, Media Stand - All Modern, Arm Chair - Amazon, Plant Baskets - Amazon, Area Rug - RugsUSA, Floor Lamp - Target, Throw Pillow - Home Goods

Details: Couch - Living Spaces, Throw Pillows - Amazon and Home Goods

My apartment is on the smaller side, but I was so adamant to create a little reading corner that can also be additional sitting for guests. It's one of my favorite spots in the apartment.

 Details: Arm Chair - Amazon, Throw Pillow - Home Goods, Plants - Home Depot

Details: Coasters - Kate Spade, Plant & Planter - The Dry Garden Nursery, Mexico City Print - Rifle & Paper Co.


To be honest, I don't use the kitchen as often as I should. My husband is really the one that cooks for us almost every night. Our must-have kitchen items have to be the KitchenAid mixer, Vitamix blender, cast iron skillets, good size cutting board, and some very sharp knives.

Details: Stools - Amazon, Utensil holder - Amazon, Marble Tray - Target, Seasonal Seafood Calendar - Etsy


It's hard trying to maximize those spaces that can be awkward to decorate. The one that I struggle with the most is the hallway. It's a tight space with not a lot of light but can look gorgeous if done right. I'm still working on perfecting our hallway. 

Adding some artwork, living plants, and 3-dimensional frames can make a small space look interesting.

Details: Runner Rug - Target, Small Planters - Umbra


For my birthday, my husband and I painted our bedroom wall this creamy, matte deep blue color. I really wanted a deep matte blue wall as the main focal point of our bedroom. Then bringing in whites and golds to give the room some crispness (is that a word?). This room is still changing, I want to update our rug (b/c I'm crazy!), and some of the art needs to be replaced.

Details: Bedding - Amazon, Nightstands - Target, Throw Pillows - Home Goods, Blanket - Amazon, Area Rug - RugsUSA, Night Lamps - Target

 Details: DIY Computer Table, DIY Shelves, Sideboard - Overstock, Storage Baskets - Target, Plant Basket - Amazon

Adding some artwork, living plants, and 3-dimensional frames can make a small space look interesting

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini-tour of our cozy apartment.


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