The Plant Lady

Last weekend I visited The Dry Garden Nursery in Berkeley, and it's seriously one of my favorite places. If you couldn't tell from my home tour, I am obsessed with plants. If I go to Home Depot or Lowes or a private nursery, I will leave with at least $50 worth plants.

If you are ever in the Berkeley area, I would recommend checking this place out.


Home Decor: Mini Home Tour

Home Goods, Target, Ross, and Marshall, are my addiction. Anytime I go into any of those stores I end up buying so many things for my house that I don't need.

Ever since moving to Oakland, I've been on a decoring home binge. I think I've bought 10 different rugs since moving 1.5 years ago (I'm crazy). One huge highlight in 2017 was my apartment getting featured in Apartment Therapy. Esteban Cortez, an amazing photographer, came over to our home just over a year ago and took some lovely pictures. It's changed quite a bit since then, so I thought I would share an update of my ever-changing style and home.


Travel Diaries: Tulum

It's been four years since my last post and to be honest I've missed taking pictures and sharing inspirations, fashion wants, travel dreams and more with the interwebs. My life has been pretty normal for the most part, working, got married, and living life the best I can. But, I thought in this new year I would start blogging about my travels, things I like, my home and life. 

To a new year with hopefully new and exciting memories.