Outside Land | Day 2

TOP: Topshop (similar)
SKIRT: Vintage Velvet Skirt (similar)
CARDI: Nasty Gal
JEWELRY: gifted

Pure mischief happened on day two of Outside Lands. The day contained much laughter, running around and obviously consuming delicious foods. Unfortunately, day 3 was a tiring day and I did not take any outfit pictures. Although, I doubt it would have been an interesting post considering that I basically got up, got coffee and hurried to the festival. I was too tired to even pick an outfit. Will be posting some pictures of the show though for your view pleasure ;-).

About the Outfit:
The velvet skirt I'm wearing is vintage, I found it at Thrift Town in the mission. Funny thing is I can never find a cute velvet skirt online except of course eBay (does anyone else have this problem?). But, other than that no other companies carry midi velvet skirts... what's up with that? Although, I may be just missing a how site dedicated to 90's fashion.. anyone? Maybe someone can give me a tip. Moving on... the shirt is from Topshop. I got it in NYC in July. I know I haven't posted any NYC pics, but trust me I am getting around to it. The cardi is from Nasty Gal, I wear this thing like with everything. Honestly, best purchase ever! (sounding like a high schooler). On to the shoes, so I also bought these in NYC. Little secret I bought 7 pairs of shoes when I was there... yes I am a shoe addict. These gladiator sandals are the comfiest shoes I've worn. 

Have a great Sunday y'all! 

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