To be Adored (TBA)

COAT: Forever21

I saw this dress on sale at Urban Outfitters for $99 and thought to myself "this is way too much money for a dress". Although it was very pretty I just couldn't justify spending basically $100 for it. I tried it on anyways and the freaking dress fit like a glove. I didn't end up buying it, instead I bought some random stuff from UO, but that dress was still on my mind. When I got home that night I went on the Urban Outfitters site and looked at it again except online it was $299. I did some research on the brand and this UK brand has the cutest dresses, pants, knits, and blouses I've ever seen. The line is filled with blacks, nudes, and hints of metallics so as you can imagine I couldn't resist any longer and bought the damn dress. After work I went to UO and bought the last dress. No regrets, this dress is so worth it! The fit is perfect and I love how full the skirt is.