Silver Linings

JEWELRY: H&M bracelet 
SHOES: Vintage
BAG: Vintage

A day of shopping in Berkeley turned out to be pretty successful. I got away with two dresses from Buffalo Exchange and both are intended for my trip to NYC in June. Yup, I'm going to NYC in June for the Governors Ball amongst other things! One of the dresses lasted one week before I finally couldn't help it and wore it. I wore the one dress I was kinda unsure about from Motel Rocks.  The dress is freaking amazing, it's galaxy print and when you twirl around it feels like you are a fucking princess (yes I said fucking but it's my blog so w.e). I was unsure about it because I never wear prints or bright colors, so this was a stretch for me. Okay, I lied I wear bright colors when I wear lipstick, but that's not the same. It definitely paid off because now I can't stop wearing it even with the freezing weather that SF offers. The other dress is from Nameless, yes this is the brand's name. It has this super cute print and cut-out details around the waist. Reminds me of ice cream hues melting into each other. I already know what I'm going to pair it with (dork). I have this mint green vegan leather jacket from Nasty Gal that matches it perfectly. 
Anyways back to the outfit... I've been lusting over a black and white midi skirt and I just couldn't find the right one. Then I stumbled upon this store I had no idea existed and found my skirt! It was like the heavens opened up or at least that's how it felt. Snagged it up for $20 bucks and don't regret a second of it! It's so comfy and you can pair it with everything and anything. I even got a bit wild (ahaha) and wore this bracelet I got from H&M as an arm cuff. Just living on the wild side! ;-p

Happy first day of Spring!

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  1. You look amazing!!! the skirt and the bracelets..wow!!! found your blog from lookbook! following!