Nasty Gals Do It Better!

So a couple weeks ago I posted this (vegan) leather on leather look featuring the Moto Zip Crop Jacket and the Teen Spirit Skirt. Soon after I posted this look I found out Nasty Gal featured me on their blog and I died! Honestly, this brand is my favorite brand ever for so many reasons. 
Reason #1: They provide amazing clothes for all types of kick-ass girls.
Reason #2: They have an amazing aesthetic and eye for all things cool.
Reason #3: They provide constant inspiration for me.

My heart skipped a beat! 


  1. Great job! I actually started following Riot Fuss because I discovered it on that very NG post!
    And Im also in need of a stick moto jacket sooo.... inspo x2!

    Keep up the awesome chica