Tell Me True

(Dr. Martens, Ebay grey dress, thrifted leather jacket)
Photo by: Chris Palomarez

This past Sunday was perfect. Me and the boy had a cute little picnic by the beach. We walked to the local deli store and got some sandwiches and tiramisu (my fav!). After eating our food and watching the dogs run around the beach we decided it would be a good idea to have a sand fight. Basically we covered each in sand not such a bright idea. These pictures were taken post the sand fight. 

To the clothes:
I really can't steer away from my usual greys, blacks, and whites. But, its easy to stick with the same fall wardrobe when the weather hasn't been that inspiring for spring. It's been crazy in San Francisco with trickles of sunlight and then massive rain storms. Sometimes I don't know what to wear or bring to school, a sweater or a coat. Hopefully it gets better and the sun stops being shy, I need some warm weather in my future.

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  1. I love ur leather jacket and can't wait the arriving of mine I bought on ebay a few days ago! Think leather jackets make a look so much more exciting :) x

  2. What camera do you use? beautiful shots.

    1. I use a D60 Nikon. Love it, it's a great camera.

  3. lovely dress! can you send me the link of the dress to my email address please?