Manic Panic

 (Thrifted leather jacket, DIY silk blouse, AA Skirt, Doc Martens shoes, Imitation D&G bag)

On Sunday my boy and I decided to grab some coffee in the Dogpatch district in San Francisco. Our initial plan when we left the house was to get ice cream at Bi-rite, but as usual the parking is crazy in the Mission. So, we drove to the Dogpatch and found this cute little coffee shop between Minnesota and 22nd street. Such good coffee and we shared a lavender cheesecake! 

To the clothes. I am going tie dye crazy and recently dyed this blouse purple with Rit dye. Super pleased with the outcome. The light lavender color is perfect. But, the real prize is a denim vest I dyed lavender and it turned out amazing!
Keep a look out, it soon shall be in the shop


  1. Really nice outfit, love your bag :)


  2. I love this outfit, looks so good with the Docs!