Locals Only

Isn't it the best when you find a cute little boutique in your local neighborhood that carries the cutest dresses, blouses, and the perfect shoes. I mean I know I jump up with joy whenever I see amazing pieces at affordable prices. The fact that it's walking distance from your house is an added bonus, some may say the cherry on the top.

I always think, now I have a great place to blow of some stress or go buy something that will make me feel fabulous whenever I feel down. Not saying that only clothes do that, but to be brutally honest it definitely helps. So, on a gloomy day in the city I like to walk over to my neighborhood boutique and get something cute and simple. But, the truth is that most local boutiques that carry local designers clothing go out of business as soon as you find them. Its the H&M's and Forever 21's that they simply cannot compete with.  So, your potential haven is gone!

There's still hope and that hope may just come from Meinto.com a relatively new web-store that embraces the local boutiques and the talents of local designers.  Yes, I know what you're thinking "This isn't a physical store, there's not haven to walk to!" I totally agree and if you do happen to have a local boutique near you then go for it and get your cute little butt over there. But, if you are like me and like online shopping as well as boutique shopping, why not do both and help out local fashion at the same time!

Meinto.com has over 800 brands and features one-of-a-kind collections for women, men, and children! Anytime there's one-of-a-kind collections I always say SIGN ME UP! Their collaboration with local fashion offers the boutiques another dimension aside for the brick-and-mortar stores providing them with an international audience. Not to mention, their blog is to die for! Filled with fashion tips and the latest trends!

Check it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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