Style Icon: Alexa Chung

How can I sum up the love I have for this girl... it's literally impossible for me to put into words. Her style is impeccable, she is the definition of less is more. There is no other celebrity I drool over more than Alexa Chung. Can you blame me? I mean look at the girl, her trademark kooky style is enough to inspire anyone. She is like a chameleon managing to astonish us with her ability to change every time.  Alexa Chung's capability to assemble school boy outfits, wear pilgrim inspired dresses fabulously, and strut in feminine flirty silhouettes is flawless. But, that's not all because I would give up anything to be able to raid her closet and get my hands on her shoe collection. I die for flats and her collection of loafers must be insane. 
Her effortless style is inspiring.

My girl crush. 
*pictures taken from google images


  1. HUGE girl crush!! love her and her style!

    xx, alisia e

  2. ughh tell me about it. crushing HARD. i would never be able to wear half the stuff she ends up pulling off effortlessly
    instead of an elephant