Coachella Bound

Coachella is almost 2 weeks away, so you better start planning what you will be bringing and what you will be leaving behind. 

I had the amazing opportunity to attend last year, however this year I will be watching my favorite bands online through the Coachella live streaming video (sad). But, for those lucky first time goers here are some wardrobe tips for you!


1. Take comfy flowy clothes that don't get you hot fast. Trust me just getting out from your car to your trunk will cause you to sweat like hell!
1. Take a sheer blouse ($15) that will keep you cool and looking cute.
2. Bathing suits are a must I didn't take one last year, but I learned my lesson ($1,500).
3. Sunnies (Duh!!!!) ($440)
4. Sandals because if you take boots like I did last year your feet will be in pain! ($169)
5. Tote bag for your packing needs. Not really to take inside the festival, but for all your personal things ($72).
6.  Make dry shampoo your best friend ($21).
7. Lots and lots of sunscreen ($32)!
8. Pink Lipstick to spice up your outfit ($20)!
9. Lip Balm, Baby Lips by Maybelline creates a tint of pink or red on your lips (according to the flavor you get) and keeps your lips chapped free ($4.99).
10. This face wash works as a make-up remover, it come in wipes! ($10)
11. Water bottle for the massive amount of water you will be consuming. Keep yourself hydrated ($10)!


1. Pack a cute crochet sweater for the desert breeze ($15).
2. Shredded denim shorts for a causal vibe ($100).
3. Converse for a night of walking an dancing ($33)!
4. Crystal necklace to accessorize.
6. Sunnies again for the sunset sky.
7. Lip Balm!
8. Backpack to put all your goodies in and more ($42)!

Have fun at this amazing festival!!!!!!!!


  1. i loooove loove looove these outfits! how amazing this stuff is, especially the "night owl"-outfit :-) so gorgeous, i wanna have it all! xx

  2. LOVE the frilly bikini!! wishing i was going to coachella! so lucky you were there last year :D xx