The Backyard

(Vintage Velvet dress and sweater, Ecote ankle boots, H&M tights)

My journey to find the perfect velvet dress seemed to be endless. Every time I'd go to a thrift store I would hope and pray to the thrift gods that I would come across one. Well, my persistence paid off because I finally found my perfect little black velvet dress. Originally, this was a tea length dress; which I actually was super stoked about. However, that silhouette works on certain body types and unfortunately it didn't work on mine (major disappointment). So, because I'm scissor crazy I decided to chop off the bottom part of the dress and make it a mini velvet dress. Definitely worked out, as you can see. It's adorable! Not trying to brag or anything, but I was incredibly happy. 
I can wear this dress so many different ways. This time I wore it with my granny cream sweater, super comfy for a cold day. I'm going to start calling this dress LBVD (little black velvet dress). Really nerdy of me I know!
I've been on the look out for some more velvet gems and have quite a few in store for you to see. At this point of my thrifting existence my closet is over flowing with blouse, shorts, skirts, and dress. It's really like you name it and I got it. So, I have become really particular about what I buy at thrift stores for myself. I'm in the hunt for some rad garments and the thrill of finding them is exhilarating
Have a great weekend lovies!


  1. seriously amazing dress, great find! :)

  2. cool outfit!


  3. that dress is amazing! and i love your sweater!


  4. Your photographs are gorgeous.. I love the look too



  5. in love with that velvet dress!!
    great style!
    Mitsue & Lay

  6. So cute and nice outfit <3