Blue Jeans Blues

(Vintage blouse/ jean vest, Arc & Co. leather jacket, UO thigh high socks, F21 shoes, DIY shorts, H&M tights)

Quick post: Don't mind the room decorations, coming over to my friend's place is always fun! I always make her take pictures of me for the blog. She recently finished decorating her room and now I want to live there (so jealous). New obsession is my DIY shorts, which I made from these old pants I got from H&M. 



  1. this outfit is gorgeous and so are you girlie! followed x

  2. I'm admiring her bong on the table :)

  3. I like your store, unfortunately I have enough clothes for now. XD If I ever consider shopping for clothes again, I will check it out again!

    Plus, nice outfit there! Quite edgy with this one in particular.

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