Granny Sweater

(H&M altered pants, scarf, DIY sheer black blouse, vintage granny sweater)

I've been wearing big granny sweaters these past few weeks. San Francisco's nice sunny days have been replaced with foggy cold rainy days. So, the need for warm comfortable chunky sweaters is crucial right now. I got this sweater at this cute vintage store in San Francisco several months ago and can't seen to stop wearing it. Its just so comfortable to wear at school or around the house, it's like a big pj. Another item I cannot stop wearing is this amazing sheer blouse I got from my mom. The blouse was originally long but I decided to crop it so I can wear with high waisted pants/jeans. Its super convenient specially since cropped collar blouses are expensive in e-stores like nasty gal, UO, and ASOS. I prefer going to thrift store finding a cute blouse with an amazing collar and cropping the blouse myself for less than a fraction of the price.


  1. You look gorgeous!

    Carmen Ri.

  2. I hate those days, but at least you get to dress up a little.

    / Avy

  3. Very nice outfit- love it! Your pictures look like American Apparel shots. xx

  4. great blog and style. I will follow. I hope you will come follow mine too!!!