Flowers and Bees

(Sparkle and Fade chiffon skirt/ H&M cropped sweater/ American Rag combat boots)

I took these pictures a long time ago and never got around to posting them, now that I am on break I plan on posting all the photos I have delayed. Lets hope I can post all my photos before I start school again!
  Recently, I've been sewing thirfted clothes and giving them a more of a modern twist (or at least I think). I borrowed this great sewing machine from my friend and now I can't stop using it. I've been cutting, hemming, and trimming everything I can get my hands on. With this sudden inspiration to alter everything my little hands can get a hold on I will be doing something I have been meaning to do for a long time.  This year I am opening an online store with a collection of clothing I have found at vintage stores. I will also included thrifted clothes that have modified by me (all clothing has been found in the Bay Area). 


  1. great blog, love your style & hair hon!


    Bang & Buck

  2. love the skirt, and lipstick, and your hair is so beautiful!

  3. so lovely! why have we yet to hang out? this needs to happen!