Vegas Trip Deux

(thrifted white dress, thrifted boots, forever 21 hat, h&m sheer tights, and vintage peacoat)

My last night in Vegas was spent in the magical resort at the end of the strip, Mandalay Bay. The Golden building was certainly an upgrade from the grungy funky Riviera.  The last day in Vegas was spent walking around the strip going into every hotel we could manage to walk into without getting too tired.  I have to say that Caesars Palace was my favorite hotel and by far the most expensive. But, I guess I am being a little bias because The Hangover is one of my favorite movies. The mall inside the Caesars Palace is enormous, you can definitely get lost in there and come out with 20 shopping bags filled with clothes. 

Now, on to the clothes. This white mini dress is one of my favorite pieces I have found in the Goodwill. It's super comfortable and incredibly flirty.  The boots are a gem I found at the Savers in Vegas. When I saw them I had to have them. They are just so cute and look great with a dress or skinny jeans. I have been wearing them everyday ever since I bought them. The peacoat is a vintage coat I found at the Salvation Army. It's coming in handy now that San Francisco is becoming increasingly cold.

You may notice that the last picture is an imitation (badly? maybe) of the movie, The Shining. The two little girls?... right?...hopefully people can tell (hehe). If you haven't seen The Shining check it out! 

Till next time.

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