Honey Mustard

(Thrifted Chiffon Dress/ Opaque Black tights/ UO Boots)

Select Apparel: the distinct selection of thrifted/vintage clothes in my wardrobe. There are times when change is needed and this is on of those times. I decided to change my blog and completely recreate the whole blog. In these up coming weeks I will be rearranging links, adding new buttons, recreating the banner, and updating posts. It's time for a brand new change.

Lets get back to the fashion:

Honey mustard... is that the color of this dress? I went shopping yesterday and saw this dress. I had to buy it. The color is to die for, a orange yellow. Adorably chic, specially for this fall season. I've been hoping to find a dress or blouse this color for the longest time. So, when I found it was like the heavens opened up and delivered me the perfect dress (now, I just have to find a blouse this color).

look for more updates soon!!!


  1. love the dress, it's so happy and cheerful, but still perfect with black accents :)


  2. I love, love the dress! you have a great sense of fashion...wish I could have some of your sense of fashion.

  3. Thats such a pretty little dress! I'm in love with that color lately :)

  4. i´ve been looking for something on this color for ages tooooooo!!!! but still haven´t found it :/
    Your choice was great!
    And i´m excited to see all the changes you´re thinking of! ;)


  5. I would not have the guts to wear yellow but its a lovely dress and you look nice. lovely hair too.