turquoise blues

 Thrifted turquoise sweater/Thrifted Boots & Black blouse/ UO pants/ Thrifted leather jacket

It's been a while. I've been a bad blogger and I feel so ashamed specially since I just hit my 200 follower. It feels so great that people take the time to read my small/simple/little blog!!! 

It's been crazy hence the lack of blog posts. I moved back to San Francisco for school, but this time I moved in with my boyfriend. It's been great although I have a smaller closet and so I have to get rid of some of my clothes. Which will be on sale on my tumblr store. Check it out!! It will be up really soon.

I've been going to thrift stores lately because I'm on the hunt for some pieces I can't afford to buy at Urban. I've been wanting a color sweater for a while and found this one. It was only $4 at a local thrifted in the mission. I fell in love with it!

I still need to keep looking for a maxi skirt, a sheer white and black blouse, and other things I can't remember!

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. beautiful sweater! love that kind of blue :)



  2. Even if turquoise is not my favourite colour..for some reason i´m loveing this sweater! great find!


  3. I love it great colour and your rooms very cute :)