Sparkle Star Sparkle

(DIY Thrifted American Flag Shirt/ DIY Thrifted Shorts/ Gifted Cole Haan Boots)

It's been a while since my last outfit post. Unfortunately, my sister's house had some weird internet connection problems and I could hardly get on the computer when I was there. Now that I'm back in Cali I can blog my little heart off!

For the fourth of July my sisters, nieces, and I went to the marina in Kirkland, WA. Lake Washington was so perfect that day, first time paddle boarding. The sun was just right, not too hot and not too cold. We spent the whole day laying out tanning letting the kids run wild while we watched them from a safe distance. Oh and of course Rocky (cute adorable puppy) came with us. 

I decided to wear something funky and patriotic. I found this shirt at the thrift store about 3 months before the fourth of July. I had to get it, it seemed perfect for this occasion. I got a manicure the day before and thought I'd go all out. A little over the top, yes! But it was pretty freaking fun. After the marina we went to see the firework show at a park nearby and we camped out. 

Pretty amazing day!

P.S I wasn't happy with how the last pictures turned out so I took new ones. It's the exact same outfit!


  1. i love the outfit! so patriotic! and the nails too of coursee(:
    you have a lovely wonderful blogg(: so much inspiration!



  2. love whole outfit. you look incredible! xx

  3. Great outfit! I love the shirt!


  4. You are rocking that flag top, girl! Loves it


  5. ah super rad outfit and nails! x


  6. this look is great! and your nails look rad.

  7. I LOVE this look. I really, really am jellin' over that top. I want one.

  8. SO HOT!!! I love it, the DIY shirt turned out so awesome. And I love your tattoo :)

    ♥, peppie

  9. LOVE the nails and shirt! xoxo