Polka Dot Sundays

(Thrifted Dress/Gifted Shoes/Thrifted Sweater Coat/Forever 21 Stone Ring/H&M Silver Ring(

Sunday dots!

I needed to share my new find that I found at a local thrift store in San Francisco. Saturday afternoon I attended Phono del Sol, a free music and food fest in the outer mission area. The fest was awesome, but what made it even better was that it was free...duh!! I didn't stay there very long, but I got to see Mirah, an artist that my friend Hannah really wanted to see that day. There were other artists playing but we got there kinda late and we were super hungry! So, Mirah was the one and only artist for us to see since our stomachs were growling the whole day.

Once we left the fest, we went to this tasty vegan restaurant called Gracias Madres. I'm not vegan but this vegan Mexican restaurant is something you just can't pass on. Once we finished dinner, we made a quick stop (at my request) at one of my favorite thrift stores in the city. We got there literally 20 minutes before it closed. I found this amazing summer dress and it was love at first sight (cheesy). The material is silky and super soft on the skin, which makes it easy to wear for those hot summer days. Then I found one more piece that I've been dying to get and that is a ... leather skirt! I finally found one that fits just right. Looking forward to post that soon.

I was pretty pleased to walk out with some pretty cute clothes within that 20 minutes of shopping. 

Love those kind of days!!!


  1. I love polka dots! Your photos are amazing and you're absolutely beautiful! Love your style! I'm your newest follower. xo

  2. Oh I love polka dots! This dress is great! So are your pictures!
    XO Carrie

  3. that dress is too cute! and you are gorgeous and the makeup looks awesome! love your tattoo as well, I love seeing other bloggers with big tattoos! does it represent a relative? I have one on my arm for my father who passed away. Itching to get more soon! :)

    Beneath the Glass

  4. lovely look!, the dress is so cool


  5. You look amazing, these pictures are amazing, can't wait to see more! Following...

  6. loveeee the make up <3

  7. love that outfit!!

  8. I stumbled across your blog and it is simply a magical world full of marvellous things I am definitely your newest fan. Everything is so divine here and these images are hauntingly beautiful. I think you are the epitome of cool xxx

  9. i love your expression in the second pic. like, theatrical but natural

  10. wow, i love your dress!
    following you now!