Again and again and again

 (Thrifted Dress Shirt/ Thrifted Under Dress/ Thrifted Sunglasses/ F21 Pearl Stone Rings/ H&M Silver Jewelry)

This afternoon I turned on the tv and found myself watching Carrie Bradshaw and her fabulous friends on one of my favorite shows, Sex in the City. Watching them parade around in those amazing outfits is definitely inspiring. But I have to admit I was channel surfing and at the same time I was watching Project Runway. The Season six finale had a lot of great contestants but what I loved about watching it was the simplicity of some of the looks. As most of my readers already know I have a really simplistic sense of style. Nothing crazy or over the top, although sometimes it's fun to go all out. But most of my days are just filled with simple outfits and neutral colors with lots of jewelry at times. Sometimes, I think that my style is too simple and I do not know why you my amazing followers actually read my blog. I mean sometimes its hard to believe things like that and I am just someone passing the time with this blog. But when I was watching these two shows I realized that simplicity is fabulous as Samantha would say. So, I thank you everyone that takes time to actually read my blog and enjoy what I enjoy. 

I have to say that Bleach Vintage is no longer going to be up. Unfortunately with schedule conflicts my partner and I just can't come together to do photoshoots. So, I have decided to set up a shop for my blog. I know, another blogger with a shop. But, I would like to think my shop is going to be somewhat unique. I will be selling vintage finds and DIY shirts/shorts that I make myself. I will be launching the shop pretty soon. I have a ton of clothes I am preparing for all you kitties. 

Till the next post!


  1. wow! amazing pics! you could def make this a profession.

    great blog!


  2. really like your shirt!

    xo Ashleigh


  3. This is an awesome outfit, love your top! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. great look :)

  5. Nice outfit! Love your rings!

  6. love the lighting in these photos and the chic comfy outfit. very unique tattoo as well!

  7. I love your blog!