Autumn Blues

H&M cropped sweater/ American Apparel faux leather skirt

Dreamy California, sunshine for days across the endless green hills cruising through the highway with nothing but time to waste. Letting the hot steamy hair blow through your silky smooth hair as you imagine laying down on a green pasture staring at the bright blue sky. 

A picture perfect idea of life in Northern California, where summer in the Bay Area is pretty much perfect. You can head to the East Bay for blazing hot weather as you enjoy the delta or you can head to San Francisco where the bay breeze will cool all of those unbearably hot summer days. Lately the weather has been nothing but unbearably cold, it's June and I still can’t pull out any summer dresses from my closet. The days are filled with aggressive wind and clouds that cover the bright sun. Sometimes the wind separates the clouds to let out the bits of sunshine that give hope and remind me of the California summers. With this unexpected weather, my outfits have been basic with a huge influence of autumn colors. 

This skirt is amazing; it’s the American Apparel faux leather skirt that can also turn into a dress. Although, that does not really work for me, the dress is too short for me to wear as a dress, but it makes a nice skirt. The tan sweater with the brown suede patches on each elbow is from H&M. I had my eye on this sweater for a while, but I couldn't afford it because it was too expensive. Last week it was on sale for 5 dollars!!!!! It’s a perfect sweater to wear with a skirt or with some high waisted pants. Of course, with my obsession with sheer tights I pair all my skirts or shorts with them.

I am a little tired of wearing such dark colors for summer, but considering the weather, it's a must. I cannot complain though I love wearing black it’s my to go "color".  

Dexter, my dog wanted to get in the picture. 

Hope the summer for the rest of you is much warmer than here in NorCal.

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  1. hey cutie

    thank you very much for your comment on my blog :D
    really love this look and love the skirt! :D

    love, alice