Best Coast is the West Coast

Best Coast

What is there to say about Best Coast?
This California tribute band was a perfect fit for the Coachella music festival. Bethany Cosentino's nostalgic lyrics about the treasurers of sunny California and teenage love connect to the hopeless romantics and optimists. This was by far one of their best sets I have ever heard, so far I have seen them 3 times and plan to see them again and again. 

The Strokes

Did anyone say The Strokes?
Can't go wrong with the Strokes specially at Coachella. All their records are exceptionally good, no one song is disappointing. Julian Casablancas's voice is as dreamy as dreamy can get, his velvety voice gave me goosebumps. The set was an inspiring one to say the least, one could not help but stare at the screen just to catch a glimpse of Casablancas singing into the mic. First time seeing them and definitely not the last time.

Jimmy Eat World

 Back to the past.
Traveling back to my middle school years. The awkward stage of weird hairdos and funky style. But one band made those geeky years of my life be more bearable, Jimmy Eat World. His lyrics of teenage love and words of optimism for the freaks of the world gave me some sort of comfort. Seeing them was an amazing experience, not to mention they were amazing live.


  1. ah Bethany is so cool it's killing me! and The Strokes yesssss i hear the crowd was INSANE upfront, my friend had to get pulled twice (she went back in after being pulled the first time..) and ended up seeing them further back..I'm seeing them at Ireland in July and a bit worried about the crowd to be honest cos i want to be up close..oh well..love the pictures though! :)

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