Style Icon: Jenny Lee Linberg

Jenny Lee Lindberg: breathtaking, stunning and alluring

These are just a few words to describe Jenny when I saw her live at the Amoeba Music store in Upper Haight in San Francisco. She is the bassist for one of my favorite bands Warpaint. Many of you may already know about this all girl group from LA. But for those who have yet to hear their dark melodies and mind numbing harmonies go google them and I guarantee you, you will be satisfied. The inspiring set included some of my favorite songs like Beetles, Undertow, Billie Holiday, and Warpaint. The band was about an hour late but it was worth the wait to see them play live. They do not disappoint at all, by far one of the best bands to watch live. Seeing Jenny Lee Lindberg was amazing for a lack of a better word. She rocked with her bass and danced throughout the set keeping me constantly watching her. Not to mention she has the cutest style, which is why I made her one of my style icons. Her bohemian grunge look was inspiring as well as the bad-ass hair cut that only few can pull off. 

A little unknown fact (or may be well known) she is the sister of Shannyn Sossamon the actress of Wristcutters, A Knights Tales,and much more. Shannyn used to be the original drummer for Warpaint, the band was started by childhood friends. However, Shannyn decided to focus on her acting career. Nevertheless, both sisters are beautiful and obviously talented. 

sources: google images, tumblr 


  1. Never knew they were sisters. They totally look alike. Great post.


  2. i love love love love WARPAINT - they are the best new band I have heard in way too long. Awesome

  3. she is AMAZING. I saw them live here in cleveland and she was my favorite to watch. all of the girls are so beautiful and have their own style. not to mention they are amazing musicians.

  4. I wonder if somebody have th fourth pic from up to down. I want to do some art with that photo, but I need a higher resolution of it.
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