Gold and Dahlias

I wanted to share this amazing collection with you guys. This morning I checked my email to find that Lena, a representative from X'U contacted me and shared this little treasure. These are some of the photos she send of the backstage madness that happened at the Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev. The exciting part of this collection is that it is X'U 10th anniversary. Anyways just thought I would share this beautiful collection. Make sure to visit their site, http://www.xu-collections.com/

This are some words describing the exquisite line by Lena:
The heroine of the new Ksenia Marchenko collection is young girl, which you will fall in love with. Inside her bloom bright pink peonies, purple violets, dahlias, and of a riot of colors is seen on her clothes. She used to live like a rock star and wear black, but change happened,and she faced her two worlds. Worlds of usual routine, which includes elements of sporty,strong silhouettes, shades of night, and the world of fairy-tale fantasy with vivid flashes of color,silk on the floor, and transparent blouses with rose petals. The collection is built on contrasts of colors, textures and silhouettes. Designer crosses strict elegance with excessive expressive, combining sporty cut with elegant materials, austere black with a floral designer blasts finds a delicate balance,
proving once again own skill.


  1. amazing photos!!
    i loved this collection :))

  2. love the makeup in the collection esp the eyebrow.

  3. the hair is very interestin :)