Bangs Bang Bang

I love simplicity and that definitely shows when I pick what I wear. I'm really into high waisted jeans and jean jackets/shirts/long sleeves right now, definitely my new obsession. Not only that but everything I am wearing is completely thrifted. I have to express the joy that thrifted clothes bring me, basically my heart skips a beat when I find something amazing for so cheap!!!! And I do an internal happy dance in my mind. I've been extremely stressed out with school, but blogging makes me sane. I love going on my reader on Google and getting inspired by all the amazing blogs out there. Before I forget, the jeans that I am wearing are altered by me. I spent like a half an hour altering them by hand. It sucked, only because I ran out of needles for my sewing machine. But the jeans had to be taken in so much, overall I think I made my new favorite jeans.

DYI high waisted jeans
Thrifted silk off-white tank
Thrifted sheer blouse
Gifted/Thrifted Lee Jean Jacket
Accessories H&M

so I guess I take it back not everything is thrifted :)


  1. Love the bangs eating out your eyes. So sex on you. Rawr, I just want to do a photoshoot with you, already: "Girls just trying to have fun!!!" ♥

  2. Love these photos, your outfit is great and I love your hair!


  3. amazing!! if you don't mind me asking, how did you shoot this?

  4. oh you look gorgeous!!
    and your tatoo is so cool :)

  5. lovely outfi! love your hair.

  6. love it, great style dude :)

  7. really like the pics. im booming for a tattooo o

  8. These look awesome! Love the outfit, love the attitude!! And thanks for the comment on chictopia :)


  9. Q: could you look any more cooler
    A: no, you smashed it :)