Why do you let me Stay here

Bekerley, CA. In the 1960's it was hippie central, now its hipster central. Fashion in Berkeley is pretty inspiring, people dress to the beat of their own drum. I do catch myself starring at people's shoes or jeans when I walk around Telegraph. Although, when I stare at their jeans it seems like I am starring at their asses and sometimes that gets a little awkward :-I 

Well, as inspiring as fashion is so is the food. There's this sushi spot that I always go to with my best friend. Sushi is almost always expensive and when it is inexpensive its because the sushi is shitty. However, Manpuku on College Ave. is not a disappointment. The quality of the sushi is amazing for the prices you pay. It definitely filled my tummy!!


  1. OMG I'm hungry :D

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  2. oh girl, right now i just wanna some sushi !

    u hav a nice blog!


  3. If you girls ever come down to the San Jose area hit up Yuki Sushi in Santa Clara. I swear by this place, hole in the wall, been there for a gazillion years, Amazingly fresh fish for good prices. and there beer and Sake are NOT over priced either. The best thing is they have a traditional floor seating area. its a bit raised off the ground and SANS shoes is a requirment but SO worth the experience. xo

  4. So craving sushi now! Loving the photography on your blog and your blog header is rad - You have gained a follower :)

  5. thank you for your kind post on my blog:)
    you really made me crave for sushi now, lovely photos!