Style Icon: Alexa Chung

There are really no words to describe Alexa Chung; she is an amazingly chic human being to say the least. Her style is laid back, but has an edge to it that I cannot describe. I didn’t really know her until her show aired on MTV. Although I wish, I found out about her long before then. She seems like such an adorable person and her style makes her even more adorable. I must say she is one of my favorite fashion icons.
On Another Note:
To all that follow my blog I want to thank you so much for doing so, blogging is definitely something I enjoy doing and I love that people like what I have to offer.
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  1. You have a very lovely blog, I'm excited for our blogger friendship! hahaha

    But I agree, Alexa Chung is such a cool human! She has killer style, and an adorable personality.

    Great post!

  2. Alexa is drop dead gorgeous! I love her style.

    Best, Jenny