Acid Dinners

I got this urge to make an acid wash denim vest jacket this morning. So, as the day carried on I decided to try it with an old denim jacket that I had laying around. I was pretty nervous, since I had tried this before and it did not turn out so hot. 

bleach jacket 5

So what I did was cut the sleeves of the jacket up to the very top, where the shoulders are located. (If the edges of the shoulders are uneven you can go and try to make it even by cutting it again, but it really doesn't matter if you want to give it an edgy style.)
bleach jacket 9

Then I put the denim vest in a sink and poured bleach on top of it. Now be careful because the denim gets really hot and its hard to breath with all those chemical smells(I actually had to a put a mask on to keep myself from breathing in the fumes). The key is to watch how long you want the denim to soak in the bleach because you might get it too white if you leave too long. 
bleach jacket 8

I left mine in for a while because I wanted the white denim bleach effect, but yours can be however you want it. You can pair this with a basic black dress, or a mini black skirt. Really there are so many possibilities. I definitely am going to try this again and again and again!

bleach jacket 7

I paired my denim vest with some booties...
bleach jacket 3

I think this might be my new favorite piece of clothing I own...
bleach jacket 2
bleach jacket


  1. nice pictures, love the jacket!

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  2. love your looks!

  3. wow you look so cool

  4. this is such a good idea, and to tell the truth ive been looking for a sleeveless denim jacket for ages but haven't found one anywhere. I think i might use your idea and cut the sleeves off an old one. The bleach effect looks great too x